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Jo Hamilton

Assertiveness Workshop with Grade 5s at Dainfern College

Mon 26th & Tues 27th September 2022

Where: Dainfern College

When: 10:00-12:00

What: Jo will be giving a detailed and interactive workshop with the Grade 5 children. During this time they will gain a greater understanding as to social dynamics, particularly during tricky situations. Through role playing and fun interactions with the children, Jo will make her tools accessible for immediate use.

Assertiveness Workshop with APPS Grade 3 girls

Monday 19 September 2022

Where: Auckland Park Preparatory School

When: 10:20-11:20

What: Jo will be presenting her twenty different assertiveness tools to the Grade 3 girls. These tolls will enable them to effectively manage difficult social interactions and conflict. Jo will be role playing with the girls, bringing her tools alive.

Assertiveness & conflict resolution at Brescia House: A whole school approach

Wed 7, Mon 12 & Tues 13 September 2022

Jo will be giving an in-depth address to the parents of Brescia House about how and why children fight. She will provide the parents with valuable insight, empathetic understanding and practical tools to support and empower their daughters. The Grades 4-6 girls will attend a fun, practical and relevant workshop with Jo where they will learn about peer dynamics and how to effectively use her assertiveness tools.

The current social-emotional development and needs of Grade 2 boys: A parent address at Pridwin Preparatory School

Monday 6 June 2022

Jo will be sharing her thoughts on the current social and emotional needs of 7-8 year old boys following the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns. During this address Jo will encourage parents reflect upon, re-engage and support their son’s social and emotional development. Jo share means by which teachers and parents can assist and fast-track underdeveloped social skills and emotional learning.

Safety Networking with Grade 0-7 girls and parents of St Mary’s DSG

Wed 3rd & Thurs 4th May 2022

Jo will be exploring the interconnectedness and dynamic nature of interpersonal relationships. The girls will explore their individual role and choices in these dynamics as well the impact of the interplay between people within the school context. In this way the girls will have greater insight, understanding and tools to assist them with their everyday interactions. Parents will be able to attend a dynamic panel discussion regarding bullying and everyday social dynamics.